Digital Transformation, eCommerce Marketing and Technology Solutions for the Travel Industry

Untangling the complexities of international ecommerce

Digital Transformation

Helping companies navigate the complexities of digital/analog transformation and integration throughout the traveler’s journey across platforms and channels.

E-Commerce Technology

Customized, fully responsive, highly scalable, cloud based, in-language, e-commerce travel technology solutions

Digital Marketing

Expert strategic marketing planning and tactical execution across the full digital spectrum

Digital Transformation

In an ever-increasing globally connected world with travelers traveling more and expecting highly sophisticated tools and information available at their fingertips throughout their journey, travel companies struggle to meet their customers’ continually growing expectations. Exasperated by the velocity of change caused by the network effect enabled through social media this phenomenon is expected to continue to accelerate. Trase Atlas Digital Transformation Consulting helps companies navigate the complexities of integrating analog operations and service delivery with digital expectations, by:

  • • Building the right bridges between front end and back office.
  • • Using data smartly across platforms, channels, and events.
  • • Creating user experience design that marries customer experience to operations, product design and service delivery

E-Commerce Technology

The Trase Atlas White Label platform is the best ecommerce solution available to travel providers, hotel chains and other brands looking to compete in the global online travel marketplace on a localized basis. The Trase Atlas platform makes it easy for its customers to enter new markets and operate high quality in-brand experiences in-language throughout the world with almost no effort on their part. This enables hotel chains and other travel providers to offer website experiences that encourage trial, drive higher guest engagement, and engender loyalty; all of which in turn drive incremental bookings and increased revenue.

  • • Highly scalable cloud based, PCI compliant computing system
  • • Custom branded, fully responsive websites operating across mobile, tablet and desktop
  • • Localized sites in up to 36 languages and 147 currencies
  • • Built with flexibility in mind, so that each solution can be designed to the unique needs of the brand partner
    •   • Solves for individual properties, small chains, or major chains
    •   • Solves for individual geographic markets, regions or global footprints

Digital Marketing

Through our Trase Atlas Digital Marketing services, our goal is to help you extend your brand’s reach internationally to encourage trial, improve current brand experience and generate increased loyalty. Both through our web design team, which ensures your brand is correctly represented in all web and other marketing executions, and our channel marketing experts that focus on acquiring visitors and converting users to guests, our digital marketing services will help your company untangle the complexities of the international web. In doing so, we will find the most effective means for targeting customers, generating leads and driving online revenue from markets that matter to you from around the globe.  

  • • Digital focus - proprietary channel market connector and bid management technology, and expertise in search engine marketing, retargeting, meta-search, social media
  • • Deep global awareness – provides freedom to enter and operate in any geographic market with the confidence and knowledge the execution and performance will be in line with their brand essence and expectations.
  • • Local point of view - know how to navigate the nuances of localized international marketing and ecommerce

Trase Atlas is the leading provider of scalable, globally capable white-label ecommerce travel technology and marketing solutions for the travel industry. We constantly strive to satisfy our customers and conduct our business in an ethical manner, while producing fair financial returns that reward our shareholders. We treat our employees, contractors, vendors and partners with fairness, kindness and respect, and we look to encourage an inclusive and supportive environment within which we work. 

Trase Atlas is a US based company with presence in the Netherlands, Israel and the Ukraine. Its purpose is to provide high-quality, easily scalable B2B2C white-label ecommerce technology and marketing services in up to 36 languages, and 147 currencies to the lodging and online travel industries. In addition to its core technology platform, Trase Atlas also offers digital transformation consulting services, digital marketing services for both paid and unpaid channels, and globalization services, such as translation and website internationalization. 

The Trase Atlas platform is targeted to travel companies, hotel chains and other brands that desire to operate accommodation ecommerce markets ex-country, yet do not have the resources or capabilities to effectively do so in-house.


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